Medicine Application

The Medicine application is a software for the health area, destined to Doctors Clinics and Medical offices. This product allows you to implement a solution capable of managing all administrative procedures, without exception, as well as recording all the clinical information of your patients.


The Medicine view has a calendar where you can view appointments marked by day, week or month. Drag and drop the query blocks by automatically changing the day/time. It also has a chart where you can see the number of visits per doctor.


In this view you can see all registered patients. Click in the Criar button to create a patient. Access patient information by simply clicking on the patient you want.


In the Appointments view you can see all existing appointments. Click in the appointment to access the information in more detail. To create a appointment click in the Criar button.


List of Medications

This view is a list of all Medications in your clinic. You can view the name, active component, therapeutic effect, pregnancy care and price. Add a remedy by clicking on the form icon. 

Health Professionals

View and add health professionals. Access to the main information clicking in the professional. Click in the Criar button to add a health professional.


This view show the existing families, with the purpose when registering the patient to select the family that he belongs. Create families clicking the Criar button and access the family you want by clicking on it.

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