Vending Machines

Integration with Sales application

Integration with Points of Sale application

Integration with Purchase application

Integration with Equipment application

Repairs Management

Implemented Features



Types of Equipments

Manage and view your equipment types. When creating an equipment you can choose what type it belongs to, facilitating the management of your equipment. 

Count History

Manage and view your counting history. Through the Points of Sale application, supply your vending machines. 

Points of Sale

Implementation of specific modules in the application

Module - Default Customer in POS

This module allows you to define a default customer in the Point of Sale application.

Module - POS Close in one step

This module aims to simplify the process of closing the session. Just one click and the session is closed.

Module - Create Global Picking

Creates a global guide with all defined products.

More Opencloud application  



Track all interactions with your opportunities and customers and improve your sales cycle.


Points of Sale

Easily create invoices from existing transactions in the Points of Sales application.

Human resources


Maintain total control over your inventory and get accurate forecasts of stock levels.



Turn sales and purchases orders into invoices and track the through your payment.

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