Hygiene and Safety


Manage and create your Processes/Contracts, when creating you will find the respective forms:


Manage your Analyzes. View the type of analysis, the location, the city, the person in charge, the contract, the months and the information.

HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. Manage the HACCP and view the information.

HST - Hygiene and Safety at Work. Plan and manage the HST, visualize the information present like, the type, the location, the city,  the responsible, the contract, the months and the information.

Add and manage the planning types. When you create a type it automatically registers itself in the planning header.


Visits Records

Register and create your visit cards, present the activities to be developed by workers, verified/recommended situations and the observations.

Identify Hazards

Create a report to identify existing hazards, add any anomalies in your report. Visualize the identified anomaly, corrective action outlined, and necessary action.

Verify Hazards Implementation

Create and add reports on the implementation of hazards and add the existing anomaly.

Risks Evaluation

Crie relatórios de avaliação de riscos com o objetivo de identificar os principais riscos e perigos das atividades desenvolvidas por trabalhadores.

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