Management from the BackOffice

This management application allows in a simple way to manage: the contracts, the spaces occupied by incubated companies, the invoicing of spaces and services, the management of current accounts, maintenance, purchase of goods and services, the management of ideas. 

Within the concept of M2M management adopted and standardized, it allows to obtain statistical analyzes and management ratios, updated at the moment and important for management of the center and for information to the stockholders.



Review existing contracts, obtain information on occupations, other products/services and invoice history.


Get a overview of occupations, location, name, start and end date, customer, price, sequence, and status.



Check the existing rooms, the name, description and main function. Get the details of the rooms, where there is no information about what was selected, such as number of cabinets, seats, chairs, etc.. 


Get analysis of occupations, where you find all rooms free and occupied with their details. Obtain an analysis of contracts, where you can find all contracts made by the companies in relation to incubation centers. It has a panel of spaces, where you can find graphs, for example, state of the rooms by areas, occupation by state in areas, area occupied by month in the current year and number of renegotiations per month of the current year. 

Customers Area

Shared Documentation
Events Registration
Answers to Surveys
Order Center


While FrontOffice creates an open communication with companies of the center through the online sharing of BackOffice information, important for a better communication between the companies and the center, also allowing the companies of the center to place orders and revindicate (alerts), consult shared documentation, event registrations, proposing ideas and voting, answering surveys and obtaining statistics, with all actions automatically warned by internal message or email.  

Your Reservations

Through FrontOffice you can access the creation and visualization of your reservations. Create a reservation, add the start and end date, and choose the room you want to reserve.

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