Attendance Application

What is?

It is a system of Management and Control of attendance, which consists of recording the movements of entry and exit of the worker.

"The employer may keep a record to determine the number of hours worked by the worker, day and week, indicating the time of start and end of work."

Opencloud Implementation

Opencloud allows access in two ways:

- through a button, as shown in the image, the worker only needs to click on it to start and end the access.

- through the biometric device (fingerprint), the worker only needs to swipe the finger in the reader to start and end the presence.


Increased productivity

Reducing administrative costs

Increased attendance

Easy to keep records up to date



Manage and view the inputs and outputs of your employees.


Get an overview of your employees' attendance. Shows employee hours every month.


Reasons for Presence

Create presence reasons and visualize the reason and action type.

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